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Kalkaska Historical Society & Museum

The museum is located behind (to the East of) the Trout Fountain in what originally was the villages train depot. Many items from the community have been caringly donated for interpretation.

The level of architecture that existed in this town 50 and 100 years ago is impressive. As individuals and as a community, it's difficult to not dismiss an old building as unfeasible to restore only to regret it yeas later (like the old Court House).

If you look at some of the old pictures displayed below, you'll recognize several that are still standing. Today it makes more sense than ever to recycle our older buildings not only to reuse the structure, but reuse the charm only an old building has.

Admission is free and donations are welcomed.

The Museum

Located directly behind the Trout, the museum used to be Kalkaska's train depot.

Trout & Museum

Another shot of the museum with the trout in the forfront.


This is the lobby of the museum. The train station's old ticket booth can be seen left of center in this photo.


This old Victrola is one of the first items you'll see when entering the lobby. It belonged to Grace Barnard and was given to the museum by her son, Larry Barnard (the authors father).

Dalton Gang

This bridle was made in from horse hair by a member of the Dalton Gang while service a prison sentence.

Old downtown Kalkaska

A model of old downtown Kalkaska

Old Smoke House

The old smoke house was made from a single tree trunk.

Old Gas Station

The site of this old gas station is now the site of the Kalkaska Chamber of Commerce; sharing the parking lot with the museum just to the South.

Court House

The old Court House was a real source of pride for many old-time residence of Kalkaska. Today you can find examples of similar architecture in older towns in New York and other parts of New England.

Church, Steeple, & Snow

This is a beautiful photo of a majestic church building on a perfect snowy day.

Kalkaska High School, 1900

4th Street

Today these buildings look nearly as they did 100 years ago.

Link to the Michigan Historical Society

Kalkaska Historical Society and Museum

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